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CasinoLion #1 Guide To The Best Online Casinos UK 🏆

CasinoLion 🦁 – #1 Guide To The Best Online Casinos UK

Dear experienced gamblers and novices! Welcome to our online casinolion.co.uk, the webpage that will lead you to the fantastic world of gambling! As the number one guide to the best online casinos in the UK, we will be willing and happy to keep you updated. Recommending websites to gamble online is what we do best at Casinolion. You may have noticed that the number of remote casinos that we can find on the internet now is unreasonably high. There are factually thousands of registered gaming clubs, not to notice those without a license, which invite you to their page. Every casino will say that it offers a specific feature that distinguishes it from its contenders. Yet, this is the exact place where you will find out all about online casinos, so if you are seeking one, then no need to look further.

We currently have hundreds of fair assessments of good online casinos that will help you make educated choices about where you choose to play. Our page is presented exclusively in English, which is not surprising, as it is designed mainly for the British public. On our webpage, you will discover the selection of the top online casinos in the UK, with the bonuses, VIP games, handy casino tips, features of the valued online gaming clubs, and a lot of supplementary content related to gambling in general. No matter whether you are a seasoned gambler or just a beginner, our page presents information that you may find handy. Every casino we offer is reliable, good, and regulated by the British Gambling Commission.

Reading about each casino site can undeniably help you avoid the dishonest operators. If you are ready to see all the inclusive material, discover the best online casinos in the UK, and start playing, then, respected visitor, you are in the right place!

TOP 5 best UK online casinos
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TOP 6 points to pay attention to when selecting the best online casino in the UK

Picking the best online operator is a significant step. If you wish to play for the actual money, choose the best British online casinos thoughtfully.

What features determine reliable top gambling sites? For every player, an expert, or a beginner, the key point is the opportunity to obtain:

  • Gambling experience;
  • Prize cash;
  • Honest play;
  • Strong data protection;
  • Advance and collect experience;
  • Promo codes, special offers, bonuses, and other privileges.

As said by British users, the compliance of casinos with the above criteria puts it at the level of the top webpage. Not all these characteristics are completely stable. The standards may change consistent with the preferences of true fans, who prefer to get an adrenaline rush by hastening to virtual games.


For our experts’ team, the number one priority is to make sure that the casino is fair. For us, the company must use private practice rather than paying promptly or offering more games. The gambling site that twists the rules should be avoided, even if these operators pay quickly or offer excellent bonuses. We consider the protection and reliability of our clients to be the key factors in choosing the best gaming club.


Top online casinos in the UK should be truthful and safe. When actual money is involved, the key factor is the fairness of the site. While checking a page, first ask if the gambling authority of the state-licensed it. That is simple for British gamers – check if the UKGC licensed it, as this organization in Great Britain issues gambling licenses. European countries likewise have their local authorities, yet they recognize the external institutions’ licenses as well. Several other authorizations you will often encounter at gaming webpages are the ones given out by Gibraltar Gambling Authority, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, because real cash gambling regulations in these jurisdictions are more appropriate.

UK Gambling Commission License

The UK’s Gambling Commission was issued under the Gambling Act 2005. It is accountable for regulating betting activities in the country. As the Gambling Act 2014 was introduced, any site for games that accepts gamers in the UK must get a license for carrying out gambling activities. The bylaw is often seen as a leading gambling regulator’s practice. The law is used as a benchmark for regulating gaming activities in other countries.

British gamblers should only stake at accredited casinos, as this guarantees the site is working legally. Similarly, for international users, a UKGC-license is proof that a remote casino is legitimate and not a fraud webpage. The basic objectives of the regulation comprise criminal activity prevention, specifically money laundering. They likewise protect vulnerable individuals and children from gambling-related harm. A UK license is the only unfailing way of confirming that a gaming platform is reliable.

The best casinos online are required to meet strict standards to get a license, and they are regulated vigilantly to confirm that they are preserving them. The Commission makes assessments on casino owners to confirm they are meeting the terms of the accreditation. Operators are controlled as per the license requirements and LCCP – codes of practice. This covers everything from technical criteria for protecting your private records to independent game testing to verify their truthfulness.

It sets clear standards concerning bonus offers, like under-age gaming prevention with other protection measures. The Commission upholds these strict standards either, taking measures in the form of high fines or the negation of gambling licenses if operators fail to meet their responsibilities.

Instead of offering a single license to gambling sites, the Commission offers operative licenses to every form of activity that a website may run, comprising:

  • Betting
  • Lotteries
  • Casino Games
  • Betting Software
  • Gaming Machines
  • Bingo

Casino Testing Agencies

Every gaming site tells you that its virtual games are safe and random. How can users be sure that games are not rigged when you place a bet on a website? They do not ask you to trust blindly: every reputable website you visit, as a rule, links to autonomous labs or firms that have seasoned their layout and games, conducting audits to confirm that there is no shady business behind the scenes.

This verification is critical for users’ trust in the sites they play, mainly when actual money is at stake. An operator must invite independent game testing as part of licensing as well as regulatory standards. Several reliable, independent trial houses conduct testing and verify the reliability of games. Here are the major establishments that analyze games in the virtual gaming industry: iTech Labs, eCOGRA, and GLI. Such authorities make technical audits of all the games and produce payout reports viewing how much of all users’ money is paid back as winnings across all games. They perform rigorous testing of RNG to prove those game outcomes are random. UK best online casinos will likewise post these scheduled reports on a payout, providing transparency and reassurance that these games can be trusted.

Casino Awards

Our team conducts independent research on the best online casino options in the UK and virtual gambling sites offering services to British clients. Getting a prestigious award is a big gain for a website. The famed ones among a variety of honors are the Global Gaming Awards, the IGA accolades, the Global Regulatory, and the EGR Awards. When our specialists review operators, they look if the operator has honors. Winners of titles that put forward the mobile app, game, and more, inspire trust. We have listed the most prominent awards in the industry below:

  1. FAIR ADVERTISING. Advertising is the most extensively used marketing technique in the sphere. Operators rely on fresh promotions or offers to attract new clients.
  2. FAIR PLAY. To know how integrity is described in betting games, try to get the idea of score returning to the user. RTP is a common metric for estimating the honesty of games.
  3. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Technical or transactional failures may arise sometimes. Hence, it is critical to receive help swiftly.

Not all decent websites have such awards. Yet if you see one with such an accolade, the chances are high that it is one of the best online casinos. These prestigious organizations award only reliable and honorable ones.

Responsibility in Gambling

For most of us, gambling is fun. For others, it can become a serious problem. The game sites on our website all promote accountable gambling. They offer players several self-help tools to manage the money and time they spend playing. They also invest considerably in training their personnel to spot problematic gambling behaviors and promptly offer advice.

Relevant active interaction at an early stage can help gamblers keep control of their actions and remain as clients. This tactic is supportable for business. Gambling may result in excessive playing and phases of loss of control. Damage may be caused to the users, along with their friends, families, and communities.

Trustworthy sites for games collaborate with liable organizations that specialize in the avoidance and treatment of online gambling addiction. Such establishments include GAMSTOP, GamCare, GambleAware, and Gamblers Anonymous. Their badges are typically displayed on the reliable best casino websites.

Reviews on Casinolion.co.uk

The Casinolion.co.uk takes into account a wide variety of aspects when going through a casino and evaluates these properties based on what is important at a joint rating. This system lets us select the best casino sites so that these features are better positioned, proposing the finest option for your demands:

  1. Reviews on our site are based on our specialists’ experience.
  2. We spend plenty of time when we revisit the best online casinos.
  3. You can find many reviews in one place, so you can compare various casinos.
  4. The main factors may vary based on your preferences. We make breakdown ratings. If you think that one aspect, such as the user interface, is more significant, inform us about your judgment.

To sum up, our primary task is to provide accurate information to gamblers about virtual casinos. We study every gaming website in detail, find its strong points and weaknesses, compare it with others. Eventually, the casino is placed fairly in our review according to its features.

How our team makes reviews of the best online casinos

When writing our evaluations on virtual casino sites, we keep to strict evaluation standards that let us truly appreciate all the positive aspects of the platform and reveal its shortcomings at the same time. Our review procedures follow the set criteria discussed below, which will help you understand why we have given these scores to our favored new casino websites in the UK.

Good online casino characteristics will be evaluated, along with the parameters listed below:

  • The fairness of the games
  • Responsible advertising
  • Client support
  • Confidentiality
  • Prize money
  • Preferences of users


Security is among the key requirements for the best online casino UK. User protection with secure banking methods is crucial for an established gaming platform. Secure communication between websites and their clients is one of the key aspects of online transactions. Online gaming sites are no exception. Personal and payment information is exchanged frequently, and without secure communication, valuable information can fall into the wrong hands and thus lead to huge financial losses. Now the vast majority of websites uses the SSL or TLS encryption Protocol to secure any information exchange. As for our reviews, we only feature novel companies with secure payment methods with a strict policy toward user safety and data protection.

Banking Options

Easy withdrawals with deposits, a variety of currencies, fast payment methods, and several additional points related to easy banking solutions are all significant factors while reviewing the best online casinos in 2020. In a digital sphere where systems are automated to get our money as speedily as possible, we believe that traffic should go in both directions. We anticipate casinos to pay their players quickly and control it. The payout rate is in a different rating, which is embedded in the overall review that a casino receives.

One more check that we include in our quality indicator is casino registration and welcome bonuses presented for you to join them. We take care that you know which casinos offer the best bonuses to save your time and effort. We are strict when assessing these points, and only the operators with the best banking options receive a high score in our reviews. Our staff similarly considers various available banking channels. New casinos with fewer payment options will be scored lower than a PayPal casino website as this payment option is trusted by players.

Customer Support

A responsive and competent client support team is essential for a positive online casino experience. Many websites offer round-the-clock live chat support seven days a week. Live chat offers many advantages: help is always available when needed; customers no longer need to spend time and money on calls, and they no longer need to wait for a phone call to lead to nothing. Our personnel highly values this method of customer support. This is the most convenient way for both customers and online casinos to solve problems quickly.

We expect that all your questions and requests will be addressed within a reasonable time. The abundance of virtual casinos means that effective client service is a must for any company fighting for your order. You expect that you are listened to, and casinos must ensure that you receive a professional and quick response whenever the need arises. We also believe that the best online casinos need to work hard to provide outstanding user support.

User Experience

A key factor we focus on while reviewing sites is the overall ‘user experience’ of the platform. This is how we analyze the atmosphere and the general user experience of modern websites that may be affected by several factors, like support, banking methods, or load speed. All these criteria affect the score we give for user experience, accompanied by our evaluation of each gambling site.

Among the most effective methods to know which layout works is to conduct user testing. It is vital that customers share their reviews. This allows operators to determine the obstacles and learn what improvements users want to see in the future. We recommend that companies spend some time on user testing before any major change to confirm that it will appeal to the clients.

Bonuses & Free Play Options

In a digital world where systems are automated, to get our money as quickly as possible, we believe that traffic should go in both directions. We expect casinos to pay their players quickly and take care of it. Our team pays a great share of attention to the casino registration, and welcome bonuses offered to clients as this is a real quality indicator.

Gamblers are always looking for offers and Free Play options when choosing a new platform. That is why we research the latest and best online casinos website offers to keep you informed. The website contains tables and ratings that comprise the profitable offers at any new UK casinos, such as the reputed no deposit casino sites.

We are constantly sharing fresh new and exciting bonus offers and promotions of the casinos in our reviews. Additionally, we praise the UK websites that present the opportunity to test games for free before placing a bet.

Software & Game Selection

One of the steadfast ways to reduce the number of customer complaints is to implement high-quality software. If you want your gambling experience to be smooth and fun, the software you use must be of the highest level. Our primary aim is to present the best offers in an understandable and convenient form. Our UK casino reviews cover in detail a website’s game selection, along with the software providers.

Many gamblers prefer particular titles and certain game developers as they are used to playing a definite game format type, or like the design and gameplay of such games. Casino sites with high probability, or the websites with games that payout more, comprise top online games from reputable designers with high RTPs. We believe that our every best online casino review offers a great way for you to find your favorite games as it can be a challenging task to search through all the software providers and titles and on a gambling platform.

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