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It is becoming extremely difficult to distinguish a rogue operating casino from the one that perfectly fits your day to day gambling activities. The main reason for such a conundrum is that currently, there are hundreds of casinos online sites out there and plenty more gaming sites keep being launched as well. Fortunately for you, you can now sit down and relax since Casino Lion has got your back. We thoroughly research all the online casinos in the UK then recommend them in the form of reviews so that you know what to expect when you hit the casino website.

And even if you aren’t ready to play yet, but you’re just interested in knowing more about the online casinos we have shortlisted, don’t hesitate to take a look at our reviews. Here at Casino Lion, we have plenty of unbiased reviews of the casino sites that are worth your time and money after proper validation. And on the flip side, you’ll also come across impartial reviews on blacklisted sites that you should avoid since they didn’t meet the mark.

During our UK online casino review process, we do thorough research on the sites by extensively looking at all the games that are offered on the site. And in the course of checking the games, we also test the general user-friendliness of the website to find out whether the gaming site is easy enough to use. Most importantly, we confirm the legitimacy of the casino by looking for licensing information under known jurisdiction.

To cut a long story short, our reviews are the ones that will quench your curiosity about any online casino sites that you may stumble upon as you browse the internet. If you want to discover more about the top-rated UK casino sites and how we compile our favourite shortlists, stay put and continue reading.

Guide to Choosing the Best Casino to Play Your Games

We regularly carry out thorough reviews on many UK online casinos so that no one ever goes through the disappointment that comes after you have realised you were playing in a rogue casino site. Plenty of players online end up losing all their money since you had no idea that the site they were playing in was a scam site.

Therefore, knowing how to vet and select an online gaming site is a very important skill that any player should learn to avoid predatory sites that are only after your hard-earned cash. At Casino Lion, we always put player interests first. And that’s why in the coming section, we’ll share expert insight that will help you evade the scam sites. The guidelines you should keep in mind to guarantee that you play in a legit and player-friendly gaming site are as follows:

Start by Performing a Background Check

It is crucial for you to do a background check and find out whether the potential site you are interested in is licensed under a known jurisdiction. Licenses are vital because it is the surest way of determining whether the casino is legitimate. As you now know, licensed casinos are usually regulated to make sure that they are providing fair games to players. So, look for the UK Gambling Commission certification as proof that the site is registered and regulated for UK punters.

Additionally, as you sweep through the site to find more information, you should also check if the site you are playing on is safe. This is done by checking if the level of encryption is of SSL technology. And if such information is clearly displayed, it means that your financial information will be safe.

Check the Various Games Being Offered

Next thing you should be on the lookout for is the diversity of games that the casino has on offer. The more the variety, the more options you have when you are ready to start playing.

Find out the Payment Methods Accepted

Checking the payment methods accepted is another vital factor that can help you ensure that the casino is good for you. Head over their cashier section and find out if they offer a range of flexible payment methods. You should also check if the payment methods they have been recognised anywhere else on any casino. Payment methods like credit cards should be available as well as e-wallet options and even wire transfer methods.

Check the Bonus Information

The finest sites will always offer generous new and ongoing players freebies and bonus perks periodically. However, before deeming the worthy, go ahead and check the terms of the offer in question. Go through the terms and see if the wagering requirements of the bonus fit your gambling needs. Illegitimate online gaming sites will usually have outrageous bonus terms that won’t benefit you at the end of the day.

Confirm Whether the Customer Support Is Helpful

Efficient customer care services are crucial for an online casino website because players always count on their help whenever they encounter a problem. At Casino Lion, we often recommend gaming sites that have round the clock support across different easily accessible channels such as a toll-free phone number, a dedicated e-mail address and live chat services. We also consider their response time to see whether they respond quickly to any issues raised.

Find out What Other Gamers Are Saying about the Site

One thing that many players forget is looking at reviews from fellow gamers. It’s the easiest way to find proof that their games are playable, and you actually can withdraw your winnings as you play them. To do this, you can check in player forums, and read our Casino Lion reviews, as well to have a much clearer picture of any site that has sparked your interest.

What Is the Difference between a Land-based Casino and an Online Casino?

The main difference between the two is that online casinos are accessible remotely over the Internet while land-based casinos are only accessible from actual buildings situated in specific areas. To help you understand the difference better, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons for each:

Pros of Playing in an Online Casino

Those who play in online casinos get to enjoy some advantages such as:

+ Convenience - It is very convenient because you can always bet without having to plan a journey to the betting facility. As long as you are connected to the internet, you are good to go!
+ A wide variety of choices - There’s a wide range of games that you can choose from. Web-based gaming platforms like Casumo Casino boast of over 1,000 games in the lobby.
+ Free play available - In online casinos, you can play online for free to blow off some steam in case you don’t feel like spending your cash.
+ Favourable bet variations - The bets vary favourably according to your bankroll size, however little it is. For instance, you can spin the reels with anything from a few cents to hundreds of pounds per round.

Cons of Playing in Online Casinos

Despite the advantages of these online casinos, there are a few disadvantages that players experience as they play online:

- Many ‘online casinos’ are operating illegally and thus; there’s a risk of getting scammed.
- You won’t experience the real casino atmosphere when you play online like interacting with other players the same way you do in a real casino.

Pros of Playing in a Land-based Casino

In as much as land-based casinos might be outdated, it still has some advantages over modern-day online casinos. For instance:

‎✓ Atmosphere
When you are in a real casino, you are surrounded by people chatting, drinks, music and so on. It is also a great way of interacting with other people, an experience you won’t find online.

‎✓ Sense of Adventure
The travel and planning involved make the experience of gambling in land-based casino sites more adventurous. It ends up becoming a fired-up escapade full of fun.

‎✓ Anonymity
Many brick and mortar casinos don’t require you to fill your membership details to play. And since you are not providing any personal information, you will be completely anonymous. In online casinos, your gambling activities can be tracked because to get started you need to sign up and provide your details.

Cons of Land-based Casinos

The following are the major disadvantages of land-based casinos,
‎✓ It is costly because you have to pay for the drinks and all the services offered to you
‎✓ It is not a favourable place for people who prefer playing in privacy without distractions

Gambling Legislation in the UK

Online gambling in the UK is legislated by a body known as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). All the casino operators providing any form of gambling activities like bingo, arcade games, gambling machines and other online casino options in the UK are licensed under the UKGC.
Some of their common laws governing online gambling in the UK are such as:

  • UKGC officers always have unrestricted access to the casino they want to inspect
  • The casino software being used must be from a licensed software developer.
  • Player’s funds must be protected at all costs
  • Payment methods used in any UK online casino must be approved

Typically, if you want to know more about the licensing information of a casino, just scroll down to the footer of the casino’s webpage, and you will find proof of licensing.

We Prioritise the Usability and Clarity before Recommending any Online Casino

If an online casino site is perfectly arranged and everything is easily accessible, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to navigating through the site. Before we recommend any casino to you, we must make sure that the casino has a smooth and user-friendly interface. Every necessary aspect of the site must be easily accessible without any roadblocks.

Parting Shot

At this point, we are pretty sure that you have all the features of safe, secure and profitable gaming at your fingertips, as far as online casinos are concerned. And if you feel like you’re ready to play a few quick rounds, feel free to pick one casino from our top five list. In case you want even more options, you can take a look at our other neutral and informative reviews for other casinos.

So, if you ever feel like you need to learn anything about online casinos, feel free to visit our website You can as well subscribe to our web feed or sign-up for our email list to get the latest information for free!