The casino cashback bonus is one of the most impressive rewards you’ll find on any platform. Basically, the casino refunds players a percentage of their losses. It’s a cool bonus that helps soften the blow when you lose money playing poker, slots, or any other game you fancy.

And, the exciting thing about casino cashback offers is that each platform sets its money back percentage, with big-hearted, generous operators going as high as 20%. Whether you’re a high roller or a seasonal gamer, you’re bound to lose a couple of bets at some point.

The least you can do is prepare yourself for the worst by signing up at a site that offers casino cashback promotions.

The reimbursement can either be bonus money or real cash. This type of promotion is great for players who spend more on the platform because they have better chances of getting a substantial refund.

7 Cashback Casinos

Casino Cashback Bonus
Omnia Casino 10%  Casino Cashback
All British Casino 10%  Casino Cashback
Metal Casino  5% Casino Cashback
No Bonus Casino 10%  Casino Cashback
Secret Slots 10%  Casino Cashback
Slots Angel 10%  Casino Cashback
Bingo Idol 10%  Casino Cashback

Type of Cashback and How It Works

The cashback sign up bonus is different from any other welcome package you’d receive on a site. While welcome bonuses are only for new sign-ups, with the casino cashback, you can enjoy the promotion past the newbie stage.

That means that as long as the site offers casino cashback offers, you can receive a small percentage of the money you’ve lost. For instance, if you place a wager of $1,000 and lose it playing poker or any other game, you’ll get a part of it back depending on the repayment percentage of the casino. If the site runs 10% cashback casino online promotions, you’ll get back $100 of your money.

On the other hand, if it’s 20%, the operator will gift you with $200. If it’s a 5 cashback bonus, you’ll recover $50. As enticing as this reimbursement scheme sounds, the operator determines how often they return players’ losses, which can be daily, weekly, or monthly. The site also places limitations on the type of games eligible for a refund.

A cashback casino online that returns player’s losses every month operates differently from a daily or weekly refund system. For the monthly bonus, the platform refunds players based on their net loss. Below is an excellent example.

If, for the entire month, you won $15,000, but unfortunately lost $25,000, your net loss is $10,000. With a 5% compensation, you’ll get back $500, and $1000 if the site has a 10% refund policy. You might not get all your money back, but 5% or 20% is better than an empty account.

But, as with any promotion, read the terms and conditions before you sign up.

Wagering Requirements for Cashback

Any freebie or goodies you receive on an online platform comes with a set of rules set by the casino, and the cashback bonus is no different. Before you click the “sign up” button on a website, make sure you read the wagering requirements.

Casino cashback offers come with wagering requirements that you have to meet before you can cash out your money. In this case, if a site has a bonus cas back of 20% and a maximum limit of 20 $, it means that if you lose £100, you’ll get a refund of $20.

At no point will the platform award you with a reimbursement above their maximum limit.

Also, before you make a withdrawal, you might be required to place and win several bets. So, if the cashback casino online has a wagering limit of 3, it means you’ll have to bet thrice to qualify for a withdrawal. All platforms will indicate the number of times you have to wager the refund before you can become eligible to cash out.

Some casino cashback sites will insist that they have to be winning bets, while others tend to be lenient and consider only the number of bets you place. If you’re an average player with limited gaming skills, choose a site with a flexible wagering limit. Also, make sure you’re familiar with their game selection as you might be required to score winning bets before you make a withdrawal.