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On the same note, we assure you that all the data you give to us is safe. In case you are wondering about the kind of measures we’ve put in place to protect your personal information, go through our privacy policies and see how we’ll be handling the confidential information that you give to us when you sign up. But before you proceed, you should know that we strictly publish reviews for UK casino sites and not from any other region. So, if you’re interested in knowing about betting sites from any other region, you might not have find it here.

We Take all Necessary Precautions to Protect User Privacy 

We deeply respect our users, and any piece of information or data that we collect from you is handled with the utmost care. First of all, all the information about you that will ever be collected is only used for purposes of improving your user experience. We also collect that info so that we can easily and quickly communicate with you about anything new that has been developed in our site. For example, if a casino site has altered some crucial information about them, we will update the review that we have about the site and notify you about it via the contact information. Similarly, right after we review a new UK casino site, you will receive an update via the contact details that you submitted.

Bear in mind that any details about you that we get; whether it’s your name or any other personal detail, will not be shared by any third-party or any non-affiliated agency. However, if we happen to share your information, it will be under special circumstances. These circumstances will only be when the said third-part is our business associate, working on new ways of improving the site’s performance, and your personal data is needed to see this through.

In summary, this privacy policy breaks down in finer detail the type of information that we collect about you, plus an explanation of why we collect it, and how we are going to use it. This privacy policy will also shed more light on the kind special circumstances may require us to share your data.

You should also know that by accessing our site, you have acknowledged this Privacy policy and you agree to our terms and conditions on our site. If there is anything you don’t understand, feel free to contact us from the help section of our website.

Take note that we reserve the right to amend our privacy policy or make changes to our website any time without any prior notice to you and our users in general. As soon as the changes have been made, they will take effect immediately. From here henceforth, it is your sole responsibility to review the terms and conditions periodically to check there are any changes or updates made in this policy.

  1. Types of personal information that we collect

The moment you access the site for the first time, we will ask you to provide your personal information, and you will get the services you requested. The information we ask for will only include your email address and your name.

  1. How we use your personal information

The information we collect from you is used for the following purposes: 

  1. We will use it to notify you about new posts or features coming up such as the latest reviews, updated reviews or if news of any new casinos coming up that you might be interested in checking out
  2. The details you provide us will also be used to improve the general user experience of the site. 
  1. Sharing the information you submitted with third parties

The following are the instances where we will share your information:

    1. At some point, we may share or sell the personal information that we gathered with third-party agencies
    2. If we are legally required to disclose your personal details we may disclose it only for the following reasons: to cooperate with investigations of the law enforcement, to safeguard against the misuse of the website information and also to protect our rights and also the safety of the users
    3. Your details may also be shared with other individual business associates and other companies that contribute to helping us create, maintain and operate our site. For instance, we collude with third-party companies to control the database that contains the customer information; they may assist us in circulating the emails, they may also assist us in digital marketing and data collection. In general, we only share your information with them in exchange for the services they provide us to help in maximising our potential and the site’s performance
    4. Another case where we might share your info is when we go through a business changeover. During the change, processes like merging or equity acquisition by other companies take place. When this happens, your personal details might be among the assets being sold out
    5. We may allow users to post comments in the forums of our site and if you post any of your personal information, that will automatically be publicly accessible by other users in the site.
    6. Furthermore, the username that you will be using will also be viewable by other users. And, therefore, we encourage that you use a username that doesn’t capture your real name. This is because we have no responsibility of maintaining the privacy of such information such as the one that you choose to post on the websites or forums.
  1. Your security

    1. It is always our priority to keep all your personal information safe and confidential. To do this, we take electronic, physical and administrative guidelines to improve the security of any personal information that belongs to you. We also safeguard your data by limiting database access only to a few people with the highest security clearance. We also put in place digital security systems and high-level encryption technologies to protect your personal data against unauthorised access.
    2. However, despite our best efforts to put safeguarding measures, transmission of data online cannot be 100% safe. So, as we do our best to protect your data, we cannot guarantee external interception by third parties. But, if it happens, we will prosecute such fraudulent actions to the full extent allowed by the law.
  2. Cookies

Our website uses cookies to improve the general performance of it.  

    1. What is a cookie? 

A cookie is a tiny piece of information sent by a website to your computer or mobile device and stored in your device’s hard drive. 

    1. Why are cookies important?

These cookies help to improve the performance by aiding us to remember when you return to the site. By doing this, they may hold sensitive details like your username and password making them quite a vulnerability to the safety of your data. But then again, the possibilities for anyone to syphon your credentials using digital cookies are quite low and almost impossible for your security to be compromised.

    1. How do cookies work?

These cookies help in enhancing the website experience by gathering statistical data of the website pages you visited and the internet service provider’s name. The data collected also includes the addresses of the sites that you visited before coming to our website or leaving after using our site. This information helps us to trace paths taken by users of the site as they move from one page to the other. It helps in revealing which portions of the site are the frequently visited and the other ones that need improvements which users are avoiding. Remember, if you feel like you don’t like cookies you can always disable them from your browser.

  1. Third Party Advertisement Servers

In our site, we may allow third-party advertising companies to serve ads and collect certain anonymous information from you whenever you are browsing. These Ad servers collect non-personally identifiable information like what you were browsing on, your clickstream information as well. They typically use cookies to collect these kinds of data from our site, and it helps them to determine the types of goods or services that may be of interest to you.

  1. Opting Out

You will be asked whether you want to receive regular emails on our site and in order to receive them, you will have to subscribe first. If you subscribe to getting regular emails, there will always be an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of every email you will receive. Therefore, you are always free to opt out of the subscriptions anytime you wish to. 

  1. Unrestricted Information

We don’t require you to send us any personal information via email or any other means available. Any data that you send to us via email whether it’s a comment, personal material or even new ideas is considered non-confidential. And by submitting the details to us, you give us the right to reproduce it, display it, use it in any other way that we will find relevant. We will do all this, and you shouldn’t expect to receive any payments or any form of compensation from us. However, you should also know that we will not use your name unless otherwise it is required by the law or unless we get your permission to use your name to do so.

  1. Beware of “Phishing” and “Spoofing”

Phishing or spoofing is a regular internet scam which occurs when you receive an email from what looks like a legitimate site requesting your personal info. Please take note that we will not send you an email requesting your personal information. In fact, if you receive such an email from the source that appears to be us, for the sake of keeping your personal data safe, don’t click any links on the email. You may end up giving out your personal details to parties with malicious intents. It is, therefore, upon you to stay vigilant and alert so that you can protect your privacy in case of such situations.