What is this game category in general? To make it as authentic and similar as possible to the real experience in roulette, blackjack, and other items, gambling platforms hire live dealers/croupiers / etc. from the real establishments. There is broadcast from several angles. Gamblers communicate with the croupier through a computer or mobile device. The financial side of the game, of course, is automated.

There are several types of players at Live Casino. The first ones are beginners who are tired of ordinary slot machines and want to try something new. The second is experienced gamblers (e.g., who played before in real life). It doesn’t matter whether you belong to the first or second, here you will find a brand that you like.

Top Live Casinos in the UK

Our team has compiled a list with the best live dealer casinos specifically for users of our site. Find a project that you will like. When compiling the list, we took into account lots of different factors. An important role is played by the license and protection of the gaming website itself. All the websites from this list are protected and reliably protect their users from scammers and thieves. In addition, they have an excellent list of titles, the best bonuses, etc.

What Do The Best Live Casino UK Sites Offer?

Top live casinos offer high-quality games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, and others. On them, you will find dozens of titles with the best croupiers. Of course, the suppliers of the items themselves are licensed, and the best in their field.

It would be foolish if the players did not have the opportunity to play from their mobile devices, especially considering that most customers do not prefer to play with a PC. All content is fully optimized for phones/tablets / and so on so that gamblers will not have any problems.

The best live casinos UK give huge bonuses to new players, and not only that. They have very convenient and different payment methods so that gamblers can use their preferred method. It is convenient to use cryptocurrencies and electronic wallets because of the fast withdrawals of money. Some people prefer to feel more secure and use bank transfers. Someone uses credit and debit cards just to not register a new account. In any case, technical support helps and answers questions (including financial ones), there is round-the-clock service. In the institutions we have listed, everything is done in the best possible way, you will never be deceived.

New Live Dealer Casino Sites

New live casino UK appears regularly. Most of them have the croupiers, which makes the gameplay much more interesting. The emergence of new sites creates competition between projects. Brands that appeared recently want to gain popularity, and they are doing everything for this.

All websites that we include are verified, and they are honest and excellent. Their advantage is that they take into account the mistakes of their predecessors, and have excellent welcome bonuses. Little online of these projects is not a minus. For example, your withdrawal requests will be processed faster than usual. The sooner you start playing on the gaming portal, the faster you become a VIP client (if the platform has an account upgrade system). In short, the point is that a new project does not mean that it is bad.

Live Casinos Bonuses

There are several types of bonuses and promotions in live casinos. Often, there is no special bonus for live casino games, i.e., ordinary promotions work in them. In games with a dealer, bonuses are usually absent. But if they’re present, the requirements for betting for a bonus in the items with the croupier are higher than in regular games. There are bonuses that you can wager. Let’s look at what types of bonuses can be offered.

The First Deposit Bonus

All entertainment portals give beginners a welcome bonus. The amount of the bonus received depends on the percentage given when making the first deposit, as well as on the restrictions. Example: in the conditions of this bonus, it is said that for the first time topping up an account, a beginner will gain a 100 percent bonus up to 1 000 pounds. This means that having deposited £ 1 000, you will receive the same amount in the form of a bonus. The minimum amount of recharge is about £ 20. Bonus acquisition can consist of several consecutive top-ups of the account.

The Second Deposit Bonus

It can also be called Reload Bonus. It contains less value than the first option.


Usually, it is 10% of all lost money during the week, and it is credited on Mondays.

Monthly Packages

A lot of projects (especially new ones) offer players special bonuses for live casino tables. This promotion may give 50% of the deposit amount several times a week.

High Roller Bonus

This type of live casino bonus is great for those who play big and for VIP gamblers. For example, the bonus is 50-100%, and the minimum deposit amount is 1 000 pounds.

Live Dealer Casinos

Live dealers are people who manage games on the online entertaining platforms. They are attractive and young gentlemen or ladies. They are professionals and take a long time to get this job. Croupiers monitor players through monitors, and constantly interact with them.

To become an experienced and good dealer, and generally get this position, you need:

– Train lead games a lot; dealers are constantly improving to become even better;

– Gain experience, a lot of croupiers begin their careers as shufflers;

– Control yourself and your emotions, be friendly, calm and polite;

– Excellent English proficiency is required.

Since almost any gambling website incorporates a chat function with the dealer, special monitors are installed in any office, showing the number of players online, as well as their nicknames. This stimulates the croupier and players to communicate (as a rule, when a new gambler appears, the dealer greets him). He also needs a monitor to control bets and to help players if the latter have questions.


Shufflers are people who make sure that in baccarat, blackjack, etc., all cards are randomly dealt to players. It is also a stepping stone to becoming a live casino dealer.

What their job is: just like in real life, shufflers use a special box called the shoe, in which the cards lie. Each of them has a red card. When the croupier pulls it out, this marks the last round before reshuffle. Then he takes a new shoe.


At the portal with a live dealer, namely in card games, a special optical character recognition system is used. Cards have a special barcode in the middle, and each table is equipped with scanners.

As for roulettes, everything is so automated there that the croupier does not need to enter any data manually. A game control unit is connected to each table in the studio, which, thanks to the built-in scanner or sensor, translates information about the cards played or winning combinations into digital format for subsequent processing by the program and displaying the result on the interface. That is, the player not only sees what he has won on the broadcast screen but also receives a notification from the program about whether his bet has played or not (plus the amount of the win is automatically calculated).

Control over what is happening in the studio, as well as the work of the software, is carried out by technical personnel in a separate room. Separately, employees who monitor activity in games and analyze the data obtained are also located. Their main task is to identify fraudsters and players who violate the rules of the game.

Cameras in Live Casinos

They are used in all titles in this category. Sometimes they are used by several to create a sense of real presence, and for convenience. The number of cameras and their angles depends on the item itself. For example, in roulettes, one camera can take a close-up shot of the croupier, the second roulette wheel, and others provide the necessary angles. Somewhere the cameras switch automatically, and sometimes the gambler himself can choose the angle he likes. When playing blackjack at live casino tables, only one camera is used so that you can monitor the entire table.

Lottery venues may vary, depending on the provider’s capabilities and strategy. It can be a professional television studio, a hall in existing establishments, or just an office with installed cameras, gambling facilities, and tables. Without a specialized place, the live dealers will not work.

It is worth clarifying that players do not connect cameras, croupiers, other casino employees, and other customers won’t see you and each other.

What Is GCU?

GCU stands for GameControlUnit. It is connected to each table. The croupier passes the card through the panel, which scans it, and only then opens it. This is exactly how it works, encrypting everything that happens in the studio and allowing the program to choose the cards and to which of the gamblers they belong. For example, in roulette, the GCU allows the program to determine the winning number and the users whose bets are successful. It is simply indispensable in the modern project, and it avoids mistakes (which is especially important for the titles with a high degree of load and plenty of gamblers).

User Interface In Live Casinos

Key elements that every live client has: a broadcast block, a chat window, an interactive block for accepting bets, and a timer.

Of course, the number of buttons, links, and pop-ups will vary depending on the client, but it is these four components that the gambler will meet in any portal with the dealer, regardless of the name of the provider. In addition, sometimes, you may save the bet combos. It might be used when playing roulette.

Live Dealer Games

The assortment at Live Casino often does not differ from institutions in real life. Sometimes new items are released, especially for online entertainment portals.

Available items along with their RTP percentage: Black Jack: 99.5, TexasHold’em BonusPoker: 99.47, Baccarat: 98.95, FrenchRoulette: 98.65, CaribbeanStudPoker: 98.19.

The experience of gambling on the website with dealers is as similar as possible to go to the real venue, but you can get it at any time in a player-friendly environment using almost any device (smartphone, TV, PC, etc.). The independence of the result from artificial RNG algorithms attracts gamblers who are not confident in the honesty of familiar online games. The ability to communicate directly with the dealer and interact with other gamblers keeps the player in the game, constantly stimulating interest. Thanks to multitasking and gambler-friendly intervals between game rounds, live casino gives more opportunities for simultaneous play. They, as a rule, have many more options for branding and cross-selling than traditional software.

The games on our list give the gamblers a pretty good chance of winning. Don’t wait, and try something from our list and have fun!

Live Roulette Online

As in a standard venue, users make bets, the wheel is spinning, and they win their money. The plus: gamblers don’t have to waste their time until free space is available. Playing here is more convenient than in real establishments, where tables might be occupied, and gamblers need to wait till their turn.

Broadcasts are conducted either from an equipped office or from real venues. The live casino games are available in a digital and simpler variant, which is called automatic roulette. There is no croupier, but the results identical to all the customers.

Let’s talk about different options:

  • Live American Roulette

The difference lies in the presence of an additional position on which it is possible to bet money: doublezero. Because of that fact, the RTP is 94,73 percent. It is lower than usual. This item is available at almost all entertainment portals. The sizes of the bets range between 20 and 10 000 pounds.

  • European And French Roulette

It is the most standard version. It can be found in absolutely every gambling portal with a croupier. In addition to the usual dealer-managed option, users can find that type in the form of FastLive one, MiniLive one, etc. The bet depends on the version you choose. The minimum bet on automatic roulettes is 10 pence.

If you need experience with real people, the minimum bets in such games start from 50 pence.

A French version is identical to the European one, but with one difference: when the number 0 drops out, the customers get half of all even bets.

RTP in that roulette-type item is 98.65 percent. That version has the best payouts.

Live Poker Games

There are a bunch of options for that item across the different gaming portals. The essence: customers fight against the croupier, not other users. The most popular real-time versions include CasinoHold ’em, ThreeCardPoker, and CaribbeanStud.

Choose your favorite option, enjoy the gameplay, and win!

Casino Hold ’em

It is a poker variant with two open cards, as well as five community cards. Here you also fight for money with the croupier. Live casino Texas Holdem is a fast and dynamic game that you need to be able to play, but luck also plays a role. This game allows players from all over the world to sit at the same table. There is always a place for you. In addition to the main game, it is also possible to make side bets.

There are various versions of that live casino poker item. Everyone has slightly different rules, as well as side bets and payouts: Casino Hold ’em, Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold ’em.

The minimum bet depends on the provider. Often it is about 50 pence.

Three Card Poker

This is another option for playing in the live dealer casino. The rules are pretty simple, and the croupier needs a queen high to qualify. The minimum bet is 1 pound.

Caribbean Stud

This is another one poker-type title at the entertainment website with the highest wins due to additional bet and the jackpot. The minimum bet is 1 pound.

Live Blackjack

It is just a gold mine for the customers because the RTP is 99.50 percent! This is the best item of its kind. Live casino blackjack is one of the most popular titles on gaming websites. The rules are extremely simple and straightforward, and it takes very little effort for a customer to understand the basic strategy.

In addition to the classic version, there are various types of blackjack for every taste:

Common draw blackjack

This option appeared in 2017. It consists of compiling the classic version, and bet behind (which is described below).

All gamblers can play together. They can hit, stand, double and split, just like in the standard variant.

The minimum bet is only 1 pound because the dealer can pay attention to all gamblers.

Bet behind

This version is different from the classic type. Here you can bet on players. Everything is easy: they win, and you win!

This is an ideal title if: the user has just begun to comprehend the basics of blackjack and if he did not have enough space at the table. Also, the minimum bet is only 50 pence.

Live Dealer Baccarat

There are a lot of variations. Options range from superfast to incredibly slow and protracted parties. It is a great opportunity to choose the live casino baccarat option that suits your rhythm.

In addition to the safest bet (banker), there are also side ones. You can play the regular version, or online options, such as baccarat without commission.

In this gaming category, the minimum bet is often £ 1.

The Best Live Casino Software Providers

Lots of venues have a gaming category, such as Live Casino. As you understand, the site itself simply cooperates with game providers but does not make the games themselves.

There are a lot of different providers, but Evolution Gaming and Playtech are the most popular representatives. Most gambling establishments use their services.

Plenty of portals prefer to work with only one of them. Sometimes, of course, they are combined, or the third is added.

The reason that people play in different institutions: on one website, there can be a full range of providers. That is, you will not find a site on which there will be all 6 variations of poker that Evolution Gaming has.

What are the differences between providers? Let’s take a look.

Evolution gaming

They are the best suppliers of live dealer casino software. What they have:

– the largest selection of croupier titles in the industry;

– lots of convenient functions;

– eight modern, beautifully equipped studios;

With them, you can try something more interesting than standard items. For example, enjoy gaming shows like DreamCatcher and MonopolyLive, as well as try roulettes from land-based venues.


They have really top live casino games, for example:

– 7 seat Blackjack;

– Wheel of fortune Spin a Win;

– 3-card Brag;

– and many more.

Authentic Gaming

They are mainly engaged in broadcasting from ground-based gaming gambling establishments.

Together with various studios, they simply broadcast roulette from institutions around the world, which brings incredible real experience.

They had problems with filling tables when the croupier did not have time to work. The provider has changed this by adding several tables.

NetEnt Live

A lot of users who play titles from this provider prefer it because of the well-developed mobile support for items. They have items for every taste, budget, and desire. Also, there is a place for high rollers and big players at VIP tables.

Extreme Live Gaming

This provider offers some baccarat and blackjack in London. They have new interesting items in the roulette category. Among the pros, we can distinguish excellent support for the mobile version.