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Casino Club Review - CasinoLion.co.uk

Welcome to the casino site based in Malta, Casino Club, with its friendly, German-speaking team. Passionate gambling began here 15 years ago. Today, Casino Club remains the best one for the online players from Europe due to its high payout.

Here is a site for the players who love the feel of cards and playing eternal classic casino games such as blackjack and poker. With 50 years of experience in the casino operations, Casino Club casino is a trusted choice for online game fanatics.

Being based on chance, the games like roulette, slots, and table games are for the adventurous and youthful. They can take a chance to increase their wealth at the site. Here is a review of the Casino Club site.

One can get started in a couple of minutes on the Casino Club site. Go to the website to see a Registration tab on its top right corner of the web page. Click on this button to come to the registration site. You have to fill out all your personal details.

This will be your name, address, your preferred Casino Club username, and password. If you run into any trouble, call up Customer Care using your phone or by clicking on the link.

Welcome Bonus on Registration

Once you have completed the registration process, go to a new window to make your deposit. Here, deposit €10 for use in Roulette or Slots Games. You get instant €10 for playing Roulette meaning you have €20.

For slot games, you get €12.50, meaning it adds up the €10 to become €22.50. Bonus limit is €250, meaning if you deposit €200, you get Roulette bonus of €200 and Slots bonus of €250, but when you deposit €250 or more, bonus remains same at €250. We can make a deposit using a credit card.

If you deposit €500, you get €750 for both Roulette and Slots. Every registered person at Casino Club gets 15 free spins.

For the people who make a deposit of more than €25, there are 50 free spins waiting for you. That is not all. We also get 40 free spins for Fortune of Egypt and 10 more free spins for Africa.

Another interesting thing one sees at Casino Club online casino is that we get 100% real money Reload Bonus for our first deposit. And, use 300 free spins we get every month. Well, that is a usual thing, but for August, we get 450 free spins! It is the best way to win money, so check it out.

To avail your free spins, you can log into the lobby using Casino Club software. There we can see a tab “Free Games.” Click on this to open featured promotion of the day. Each game will have 10 – 35 free rounds. Sit under a shady tree to enjoy your free spins.

Bonuses with Promotions Casino Club

When people join a site, they look for bonuses and promotions. The promotion and Casino Club casino bonus keep people coming for more. One has a choice of table games and Casino Club VIP games. See below how to take part in these to have the time of your life.

VIP Club Benefits

Casino Club aims to give its users an enjoyable atmosphere. The VIP club also offers exclusive club events with refreshing side-programs. Enviable prizes with regular live-in Casino Club events make one feel that one is in a home-away-from-home.

These Live events give huge prizes with its main event being Live Roulette Tournament where you walk away with a grand prize of €10,000!

Imagine luxurious surrounding, fine dining, and local events. It is much like a blissful evening by a riverside surrounded by flowers along with dancing girls. All VIP players can take part in Loyalty Points race.

This gives us a chance to get into our next event. Players gather their Loyalty Points by taking part in competitions. Those with most points get their ticket to sit with the best to play Roulette in Vienna or Berlin.

Exclusive club events also include excellent entertainment spread all year round. This includes football games at international level, so the players can revel in some exciting football action.

We get front-row seats at the premier music events, so we can partake in the best offerings that delight our senses. Other than an exclusive dinner, participants can also witness a range of sporting events.

When we become a VIP member, we become eligible for our bi-monthly magazine. Here, we can check important facts and latest news about Casino Club.

All our payout on winnings is open, unrestricted with a well-developed community that is supportive of each other. Its friendly atmosphere remains nurtured by the VIP manager who is always there to help us to get bigger, better things.

Popular Games and Providers at Casino Club

Play Games on Casino Club

Casino Club publishes a list of coupons on Table No. 1 for French Roulette. Newcomers can complete their registration to take part in a variety of Casino Club casino play online games. These include the following:

  • Roulette,
  • Slot,
  • Blackjack,
  • Table and Card,
  • Live Casino,
  • Video Poker,
  • Scratch Cards.

Other top games include Vikings Go Berzerk, Book of Dead, Loot EnKhamun (jackpot), Dragon’s Luck (jackpot), Mystery Reel (jackpot), Book of Horus, and Cinderella’s Ball (jackpot).

Check Your Odds First

We should understand the math behind the play. It is not so much indulgence in betting as preciseness of calculation that will set us on their road to success.

Yes, each has a probability attached to it; if you are wise, you will pay attention to this. We can read Casino Club casino reviews of each type of game given on our website before we play it.

A game of Blackjack gives a player the best odds of winning. We only have to select a card that does not go over 21 and the house has only a 1% chance of winning. What does this mean? If we use it in a correct way, we win 99% of the time!

The next best is craps that give one 50-50 chances of winning. Or, go for a roulette wheel outing. This gives one a little under 50% chance of success.

If we keep betting on red alone, we will double your money and get more when red appears many times when we bet on it. That is a good time to quit because the odds of success are only 50% at most.

So, we might lose your winnings if we keep on trying. If you have any doubts, you can use chat to clear it with support service.

The most exciting ones are slot machines and Wheel of Fortune. These have the lowest odds of winning, but they provide us with lots of fun. Here house has a 10% chance of winning, so we must try to accept, quit as soon as we win money.

We can always go back to play more the next day. Experts know all odds and act accordingly. Next, in this Casino Club review, read about the games there are for us.

Different Roulette Games at Casino Club

Among the Roulette games, we have Roulette Supreme, Racetrack Roulette, French Roulette, Card Roulette, and European Roulette.

Its software is secure and has wonderful graphics. Customer service remains on your call. We can call them up by phone or use live chat facility. Or, you may email them, they get in touch with you at once.

VIP benefits are available that include strategy information with roulette tips apart from the bonus. This user-friendly software helps with things such as table selection for European Roulette. We can play a classic casino game on our mobile instead of going all the way to a land casino.

We can take part in Roulette in two ways. One is to download software from our official site. This will give us access to all the games with their promotions. We could also go to the official website to log into it using our username with our password.

We can enjoy a game online without having to carry the software around on our desktop or phone. If we take part online, we must make a deposit to start playing. This is not needed when one plays after downloading software.

Captivating Blackjack Games to Play

The magic of Blackjack is an integral part of our play experience. Any gambler will enjoy it because it is possible to win against the house.

It gives us a wonderful opportunity to change our luck to come out tops. Moreover, there are many blackjack games for us to try at Casino Club.

Classic Blackjack

It is the original blackjack game easy to learn with much enjoyment. It is hugely popular at Casino Club, so you see players pitting their wits against the house.

We have multiplayer action here where each player takes part against house or dealer. Though a player has only one seat, he can play three separate hands. When your hand has 21 points, you will 3:2, but if your hand is only a winning hand, you win 1:1.

If you have insurance, you will win 2:1. At a Blackjack table, five players can join up to play. They can chat with one another. Here, the dealer always checks for Ace or 10-card.

Depending upon the size of your bet (up to €100, up to €500, or up to €1,000), you get a table. One will have 15-30 seconds to select a bet limit then they set the table for you. One need not join in to watch a game in progress.

European Blackjack

This is European version that allows us to take part in three hands at one time. The difference in this game is that the dealer gets dealt one card face up and he has to wait for all the players to receive their cards before he can draw more.

The player can double his or her bet if they get 9, 10, or 11 points in their first two cards. Moreover, they do not check for Blackjack.

Blackjack 2 Against 1

In this, one has a two-on-one side bet going. You get two cards; you have to guess if those are bigger than dealer’s first card. Here bets remain placed in a separate column given near your hand. Cards have values increasing by one.

That means cards up to 10 have their face value. Then, Jack gets 11, Queen gets 12, and King gets 13 points. Ace has 14 points. If your first card is bigger, you win the side bet. Other than that, it proceeds as usual, the player getting 21 wins.

Blackjack Super 7

In this blackjack game, one has a side bet to get sevens of the same suit. Everything otherwise is the same – they play until either player or dealer gets 21 points. In this, we have an option of choosing a private table and getting players we like to join us.

This is a peek-game, so that we have a check for Blackjack. Side bets win 3:1 for first card 7, 30:1 for first two cards same suit 7, first three cards any suit 7 we get 500:1, and first three cards same suit 7 1500:1. Of course, it is very interesting for online blackjack players.

Progressive Blackjack

Here, up to four players along with us will play against the dealer. The terms specify that a player can move to any vacant slot and play the hand.

Continued Charm of Slot Games

The fast-paced action of slot games is a sure-fire winner for all the casino game players. They have the best network of games ready for your pick for your daily choice.

We see over 50 slot games at Casino Club that are budget-friendly because they cost only €0.01 per spin. This allows you to win up to €250 jackpot at any one time! One may also take part online, so there is no need to download it.

You see five groupings for slot games at Casino Club. Choose from Top 10 if you are unsure of where to go. This is a group of games selected by the actual players, and so you will get the most interesting action in this group.

One can take part in many scintillating selections such as Maya Gold, Fortunes of Egypt, Treasures of Pyramids, and Book of the Sphinx. We get to spend our best time here because of the huge selection. Go around the entire bunch and check which one is to your liking.

Next is Historic Slots that include exciting games such as Age of Vikings and Roman Empire. In the Sports category, we see Supreme Football and Hot Pursuit. These will please those with a taste for outdoor games.

For those that prefer old-time greats, Classics offer selections like Vegas Star and Double Sevens. People who began gaming early will prefer these. That brings up Favorites such as Break the Bank and Hot Tequila. These have their quaint charm for those with a hot streak in them.

Pick of Casino Club Table and Card Game Gems

These traditional games are the best for spending a thrill-filled morning at home. Making your way through roulette and blackjack, you arrive at traditional favorites such as poker and dice games.

Many of us play these games at our house. This is why they are so desirable to us when we see them online.

Poker playing takes a talent that comes only with practice. Keeping your cool when heat is on will undo most players. Here, you have Texas Hold’em, Poker Showdown, and Caribbean Stud Poker as choices. Take part in them, settle down where you feel secure. This is a great place to win money.

Dice games include top favorite craps that are good for the seasoned players. Betting with the odds will keep you in the green. Or, you could find more at Dice Casino on their website. It will keep your hours filled with lovely earnings and sweet memories.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

You can use one of their safest methods for depositing and withdrawing money from our site. Here is a list of all the payment processors that they support to help you:

  • PayPal,
  • Sofort,
  • Visa,
  • Paysafe,
  • Mastercard,
  • Neteller,
  • Giropay,
  • Skrill,
  • Uberweisung.

WebDollar, this payment provider established in 1997 handles all the payments. Being PCI compliant, you have a high degree of security.

Customer Support and Feedback

They have a friendly customer support team at this site. Their online chat is fast and helps you with anything you do on their site. You can talk to them in English, French, or German. They come online at 8 a.m. and stay on this site up to midnight (CET).

They do not charge you for answering questions. You can also use their email address support@CasinoClub.com or their fax number +356 27 781 251. Or, you can call them on their phone by going online.

Bottom Line on Casino Club

Among many online casinos, we see that players enjoy uninterrupted activity along with continuous customer support. Casino Club is unique in its fantastic customer service with its clean interface for paying and receiving money.

Become a VIP member and enjoy special privileges offered to this group. It is possible to take part in a game without any hiccups, and so our gaming experience is awesome.

So, everybody is a winner who plays here at Casino Club. It is one of the best online casinos for the players from Europe.

4.0 rating
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