PaysafeCard is a mode of money transaction used in various platform online including online chat rooms, music and film download platforms, and the online casino industry. Established back in 2000, It’s run by Paysafe Holdings UK Limited, a company based in the United Kingdom. The firm is also responsible for Paysafecard MasterCard and Neteller, which makes it the largest money transaction agency across the globe. PaysafeCard was first launched for use in Germany and Austria only, but later on opened its doors to the international market where it has done little to disappoint and established a strong base. We have compiled a list of PaysafeCard casinos for you.

During its establishment, this payment method was developed as a physical card only. It then moved to printed receipts, and then made the full move to the online platform where it required neither a card nor receipts to operate.

In 2011, PaysafeCard Achieved an all-time high when they developed a mobile application for the service. Previously, the service was only available on their website with no download option. The app has been made compatible with nearly all mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. 

This method of cash transaction uses a prepaid system of operation which eliminates the need for a credit card or transferring money directly from one’s bank account. This service is available in forty-five countries including:

  • Portugal
  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Turkey
  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • France
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United States
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Denmark, etc.

PaysafeCard Casino Slots and Other Games

The PaysafeCard option is available in most casinos on the online platform. Its existence in the market for quite a long time and the fact that it has been termed as among the most reliable money transaction services has made it coveted by most gambling destinations.

Some casinos that provide PaysafeCard slots in their list of games include:

  • William Hill Casino
  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • All Slots Casino
  • 7 Sultans Casino
  • Euro Grand Casino
  • Bet 365 Casino
  • Slots Magic Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Mr Green Casino
  • Paddy Power Casino
  • Royal Panda Casino

In terms of the fees incurred when indulging in PaysafeCard online casinos, the service is made basically free. Here is a look at the charges a player may face:

Maintenance fee: incurred after one year of card use Two dollars per month
Transaction charge PaysafeCard charges no fee. However, vendors are known to incur some fees
Refund charge Seven dollars and fifty cents. This amount does not waver despite the refund amount
Currency conversion charge This amount will depend on the currency exchange rate of a respective region and may range between two to five percent of the transaction charge

How to Make a Deposit in Online Casino Using PaysafeCard?

Once a player has created their Paysafecard account and made the necessary deposits, they make a deposit by:

  • Selecting the cashier option in the casino site
  • Choose PaysafeCard as their option
  • A redirect page to the options official site will appear
  • The sixteen-digit PIN that was provided during registration will be requested
  • Since the option is solely used for deposits, all one has to do is enter the amount they would like transferred to their casino bankroll
  • Select the confirm button and wait for the transaction to be processed

PaysafeCard is quite fast, and the cash usually reflects in one’s casino account within seconds of making the deposit. The maximum time the transfer can take is twenty-four hours.

How to Withdraw Using PaysafeCard Casinos?

Paysafecard does not provide a withdrawal method. Therefore, there is no process on how to go about it. Players who use this mode of transaction to feed deposits into their casino accounts have to find an alternative method to make withdrawals. 

Pros of Using PaysafeCard Casino

  • Paysafecard includes a loyalty scheme that rewards its clients when used regularly
  • The site is made available in numerous languages. This breaks the language barrier in countries where English is not understood, and the use of the respective native language is the only option
  • The PaysafeCard site has been labeled one of the most user-friendly cash transfer websites. They present all its options in a logical manner that makes them easy to access
  • The availability of different priced Paysafecard options that can control the denominations used allows gamblers to place limitations on their casino bankroll. That way, problem gambling is kept at bay, and only cash allocated for gaming purposes is used
  • No bank account information is revealed when using PaysafeCard. This means that gamblers are safe from fraudulent activities even if the casino data is hacked
  • Just like a bank account, gamblers have the freedom to transfer their entire account balance to another person
  • Their convenience is majorly facilitated by an intricate security system that uses Secure Socket Layer encryption, among the most secure on the online platform
  • PaysafeCard only indulges in business with casinos that have received the proper certification and use secure systems that will match their level of safety to ensure their clients are protected
  • PaysafeCard makes regular updates to its app to ensure it is kept safe from viruses and other malware issues that may threaten their data security
  • The card is free of charges for the first year of use after the sixteen-digit PIN has been generated
  • The PaysafeCard option can be used in more than just feeding casino accounts. There are more than four hundred and fifty thousand outlets around the world that accept PaysafeCard as a method of pay
  • Making deposits will incur no charges. However, it is recommended for gamblers to confirm if there are any additional fees included on their side for using this method

Cons of Using PaysafeCard

  • An account with PaysafeCard needs to be bought and does not come for free like most other casino transaction methods. The price will depend on the amount one plans to transact. The price range falls between ten to one hundred Great British Pounds. However, the price can go as high as one hundred and seventy-five Great British Pounds if bought at PayPoint. The price matches the denomination that can be used
  • One has to pay a fee of two dollars every month to use the service. This fee is incurred after the first year of use has elapsed. This fee is only incurred if the account balance is positive, in which case the cost of the card cannot be cashed out if the entire balance was not used up in the preceding twelve months 
  • PaysafeCard can only be used to deposit money into players’ casino account. Therefore, those who use it have to look for another method to make withdrawals 

How to Create a PaysafeCard Account

Paysafecard can be purchased from various retailers. The list of where one can purchase the card is available on their official website. Different retailers are made available to suit the various regions where the method can be used. The card comes at a price between ten dollars and one hundred dollars. However, PayPoint has a higher limit of up to one hundred and seventy-five dollars. The price at which the card is purchased will determine the denominations that can be used during transactions. For instance, if a gambler makes purchases a five-dollar PaysafeCard, the denomination to be used will be five dollars. 

Some of the information that will be requested upon registration include name, email, address, phone contact, and the date of birth. The player will also have to create a username and passkey of their choice. One has to be above the age of eighteen to make the purchase. All individuals below that have to open a PaysafeCard Junior account. However, since most casinos restrict gambling to a minimum of eighteen years, this card will automatically be rejected.

Bonus Offers from PasysafeCard Casinos

All the information on bonuses and promotions offered by PaysafeCard are made available on their official website, including those for gambling purposes. Additionally, the casinos that offer this method may post them on their sites or send newsletters to the clients that use the service. None of these promotions are definite and only occur from time to time. Usually, they are provided in the form of a match promotion when a deposit is made using the service: it can be anywhere between ten percent and one hundred percent.

In Brief about PaysafeCard Payment Method for Online Casino

PaysafeCard casino has proven itself as a reliable mode of transacting money in all the years it has been in business. Therefore, it is no wonder that most online casinos would enlist it as among its money transfer methods. Any issues that are faced by the service can be sorted out with their client support team. They have been known to be kind and responsive to customer issues. They are available through email, all of which are responded to within a twenty-four-hour window, or through phone: this option may be toll-free depending on the user’s country of residence. An FAQ section is also put in place to provide detailed answers to questions that are frequently asked by clients.