Previously known as Centricom, POLi payments Pty Limited, with a company based in Melbourne, Australia is responsible for the creation of this online payment system. SecurePay Holdings saw the opportunity and purchased POLi payments on 1 October 2014, whereafter they became affiliated with Australia Post.  It was designed for consumers to be able to make payments online without disclosing any sensitive banking information. We have compiled a list of POLi casinos for you.

All you need to do is access the consumer’s website, choose the goods and services you would like to purchase and make an instant payment using the POLi platform. Only customers from Australia and New Zealand are supported as they only accept Australian and New Zealand Dollar payments.

Their largest supporting Merchants are Jetstar, Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, Sportsbet and Sportingbet. Emirates airlines are also in support of POLi to pay for their services. The Principle for POLI payments is more or less the same as a credit card with the one difference that no personal information is revealed when making a payment online. It is very easy to use; all you need is an active Internet banking connection.

POLi payments when playing slots and other casino games

Processing Time Instant POLi is a payment system supported by Australian and New Zealand banks. It is becoming very popular amongst online casinos as the player’s information remains protected and no sensitive banking details are revealed. Although this is a sought after payment method with Australians, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration when this payment method is used.

You are not able to transfer more than AUD2500 at a time. Thus if you are a big roller, this payment method might restrict you somewhat. For the new players that want to give the slots and other casino games a try, your minimum payment is an amount of 5AUD. However, you will need to ensure what their requested minimum deposit amount is when you sign up with a casino. Try POLi casino today for fast effective response and deposits.

Minimum Deposit AUD5
Maximum Deposit AUD2500
Deposit Fee None
Withdrawal fee Not supported

Depositing with POLi at Online Casino

Most online casinos require a minimum deposit before you can start partaking in the fun. With POLi deposits, players are ensured that they will be able to play at the casino as soon as possible. Depositing at online casinos is a fast, and effective way to make payments. This payment method is a web-based payment system that is connected directly to your banking account.

All payments made with POLi will reflect in your casino account immediately, allowing players to continue playing with immediate effect.

The payment is done via the client’s own banking platform accessing the banking account straight away. The payment is done via servers that authorise the transaction and allows for play to continue. You can be sure that your full deposit amount will be credited to your account as their will not be any fees deducted from your payment for the use of the method.

Withdrawing with POLi at Online Casino

When you wish to use it for withdrawals the picture is not that clear and straightforward. POLi cannot refund any transfers; they have a form online that needs to be completed to request the transfer. There have been some instances where there have been a lot of errors with money transfers. This is one of the reasons that POLi is not used as a withdrawal method for casinos. Although there have not been any reports about money not being able to be recovered, casinos would rather not risk their reputation as there is a risk that the casino can be blamed should payments not be paid immediately, or incorrect amounts are received.

Who knows, maybe in the near future POLi will upgrade their services, and they might fix the errors and reasons that withdrawals via POLi are not successful. Until such time, It only supports deposits, and the withdrawals will need to be effected via alternative payment methods such as wire transfer or PayPal.

Advantages and Disadvantages When Using POLi in Online Casinos



The first aspect that is very striking when using POLi to make online payments is that it is very easy to use and make payments effectively. Secondly, none of the customer’s information is stored or cached on the server.


This platform does not support withdrawals from the online casino. Should a payment be made in error, it cannot be reversed, and lots of administration is required in order to rectify the mistake.

  1. Even though no credit card is used when making a POLi payment, the transfer of funds instantly from the player’s bank account to the casino account.
  2. No personal or sensitive information has been disclosed.  The POLi payment platform has been designed to operate without caching or storing any data on the server.
  3. Its payments are safe and secure, and the platform security is monitored on a regular basis, by performing external vulnerability scans. Further to the scans, they are protected by a 2048 bit SSL Certificate processing all information through a secure and encrypted channel.
  4. Payments can be made anywhere, as it is a web-based platform and supports all devices and operating systems.
  5. It has implemented a payment confirmation service, and all payments processed are immediately confirmed once the payment is successful.
  6. It is supported by a variety of suppliers and companies, streamlining your method of payment to only one set of credentials to remember.
  7. There are no additional fees when using POLi as your payment method.
  8. This is a great alternative for players who do not have credit cards. This payment method can be used to make online secure payments.
  1. The POLi platform is designed to make payments directly from your bank account through a secure platform. However, when it comes to withdrawals from an online casino the withdrawals are not supported.
  2. More than one payment method needs to be used when initiating withdrawals.
  3. POLi only offers technical support between 8 am to 17h00 pm on a weekday basis.
  4. When you have account queries, they refer you to the merchant first before assisting you with your query.
  5. It only supports payments in Australian Dollars and New Zealand dollars, thus no other players from around the world can use this facility.
  6. As this is a payment method, which does not have a separate account, payments from other banks other than Australian and New Zealand banks are not supported.
  7. Mistakes are not easily reversed; therefore a long administration process is required when a refund is required. Forms need to be completed and sent to the refund department.

How to Register for POLi Payments?

POLi payments are not supported by a long account opening procedure. This is a platform that is powered by the Internet banking platform of the client. It is called a proxy service that makes use of a server to gain access to the original banking account of the client. This means that the only thing you will need to have to start using POLi is a valid Australian or New Zealand bank account.

No registration is needed to have access to POLi. If you have a bank account with one of the supported banks, you can download the web browser application. This will automatically be linked to your bank account will streamline payments to your online casino account. Making payments from your Internet banking platform through a safe and secure server is definitely in line with their goals to provide quick and easy solutions.

How Bonuses and Promotions Are Affected by POLi Payments

Many online casinos offer a lot of bonuses on deposits that are made to the online casino account. It may start with the welcome Bonus that consists out of three or four deposits, for each of them you will receive an extra bonus amount to wager on in the casino. Further to the welcome bonus, you can expect payment bonuses. This is aimed at players making payments from certain payment methods. In order to qualify for this bonus, you will need to enquire or read the terms and conditions to determine whether payments are rewarded. A deposit or cash back bonus is usually provided when deposits are made to your casino account, and you will then receive a percentage of the total deposits made as a bonus to play with. Weekly or weekend bonuses are also very popular at online casinos as they will give you a bonus on the amount you have deposited either during the week or from the Friday to the Sunday.

With the detailed review of POLi payments, all the important factors have been highlighted. POLi payments is an easy and convenient way to make instant payment directly from your Internet banking platform through the servers of POLi payments.