Responsible Gambling

Gambling is meant to be a fun and rewarding experience. However, a small percentage of individuals can develop gambling addiction – which can lead to very serious social and financial problems. Gambling addiction has the potential to reduce the quality of life significantly, so it must not be taken lightly. All reputable casinos invest a lot into responsible gambling – the best practices of early prevention and treatment of addiction problems.

If you find that your gambling behaviour is getting out of control, you need to assess the situation and take the necessary steps to manage it. In this article, we will share with you what we consider the best practices when it comes to responsible gambling.

Best Practices for Gambling Responsibly

First of all, it is important to mention that gambling does not necessarily lead to addiction. Certain types of people are pre-disposed to such influences and problems – not unlike alcoholics. The triggering factors can be personal traits, certain neurological conditions, or a variety of mental health disorders. For example, people suffering from depression or anxiety are more susceptible to developing addictions. The same goes for people with serotonin deficiencies. There is also a variety of social factors that can contribute to one’s gambling addiction – occupation, education, health, etc.

Bankroll Management

One of the most important things you should look out for is, of course, your money. You should manage your finances wisely, in order to avoid unexpectedly losing a lot of money. Remember – never enter a game with more money than what you are willing to lose. You should separate your funds, in order to prevent blowing all your money at once. If you are on a losing streak, do not try to bet bigger in order to compensate for your losses – you might end up losing even more with this tactic.

It is essential for you to control your emotions and to know when to stop. If you get angry, you will start making impulsive decisions, which is very bad when it comes to gambling. Do not compromise your judgement – always keep a clear head and consider your next move carefully. As soon as you feel agitated, it is advisable to just stop and cool off for a bit.


Reputable online casinos have a handful of tools created to encourage responsible gambling and prevent related problems. For example, you can set a limit to how much you can deposit per month, or put a cap on your losses for a specific game. Also, you can set a gaming session length, preventing you from getting lost in the game and helping you keep track of the time you spend gambling.

Another handy option that most casinos offer is to take a break. You can select a time period in which your account will be temporarily suspended. The selectable period usually ranges from 24 hours to several months.


This option is aimed at players who feel like gambling is getting problematic for them, and might lead to addiction. If you choose self-exclusion, the casino will do what is necessary to block your access to your account and return any funds it contains to you. You can usually choose a time period during which the exclusion will be in effect – but your account will not be automatically renewed when the period finished. In order to bring your account back, you need to contact the casino and issue a request.

Responsible Gambling Organisations

There are several major organisations that deal with the prevention and treatment of gambling-related problems. All reputable casinos work closely with those gambling help sites, and you can see their logos on the websites of the best operators in the UK. Let’s take a look at some of the most important companies that deal with responsible gambling.


Perhaps the biggest and most recognisable responsible gambling organisation for the UK. They provide support, information, advice, and free counselling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling. They have helped countless people get over their addiction and improve their quality of life. You can find more information about GamCare on their official website.


This organisation is quite similar to GamCare, as it spares no expense to promote and encourage responsibility in gambling. They offer counselling, information, help, and support to people who are prone to or suffering from gambling addiction. Visit GambeAware’s website to find more about what they do and how they are doing it.

Responsible Gambling Trust

This is a charity organisation, dedicated to ‘minimising gambling-related harm’. It is entirely funded by donations from the gambling industry. They use this money for education, prevention, and treatment of services, as well as to broaden the public understanding of gambling-related problems. The Responsible Gambling Trust is an independent organisation, and you can find more about it on their official site.

Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous is a congregation of people who have or used to have gambling addiction problems. They support each other through knowledge, experience, and compassion, in order to better deal with their problems. Gamblers Anonymous is free of any membership fees – the only requirement for entering is the willingness to stop compulsive gambling. Their official website can provide you with further information about what they do and aim to achieve.

Gambling Therapy

This website is meant for people who reside outside of Great Britain. Gambling Therapy is a free online service, designed to provide help, support, and advice to people suffering from problem gambling. They have also developed a product called GamBlock, which is a software program to help problem gamblers. Other than that, they deal with recovery and support groups and have trained and experienced coaches and support workers. Check out what Gambling Therapy is all about on their official site.

Even though gambling addiction is a very serious issue, there is help and hope out there. Online casinos are really investing a lot into awareness and prevention, while organisations like GamCare and GambleAware do their utmost to support people who are suffering from compulsive and problem gambling. If you happen to be one of them, do not hesitate and seek help as soon as possible. Each of the best gambling sites in the UK is perfectly equipped and can provide you with the help you need.